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Start young and go digital!

Business owner and social media influencer – Iyia Liu, a Kiwi female entrepreneur started her own business straight after completing her Bachelor of Marketing and Management at the University of Auckland. Her first business adventure was not so successful. But her second business which was an online retail store, Waist Trainer launched in 2015 with only $6,000. Within one year of time, it grew to a multi-million dollar global business. Its customers are from more than 90 countries. Iyia was only 22 years old when her second business achieved huge success. (What was I doing when I was 22?)

Image from Iyia Liu's Instagram

Waist Trainer (320k followers on Facebook) was sold in 2017. Iyia then started Luxe Fitness (280K followers on Facebook), Bambi Boutique (130k followers on Facebook), Girls in Business (50,000 NZ and AU based members) and Celebration Box (80K followers on Facebook). Iyia is a powerful public speaker as well. She inspires and helps others to grow their businesses and reach their potential. A few of her key speech topics are Entrepreneurship, E-commerce, Start-ups, Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Influencer Marketing.

By building engaged and effective online social media communities and recognising consumer needs and wants, Iyia has the ability to identify new business opportunities. Being innovative on using social media channels to accumulate online followers and later on convert them into paying customers – this digital and social media strategy works wonders for Iyia and her businesses. Risk-taking and the ability to accept failure also act as driving forces for Iyia to move forward. Her first business failure did not turn her away from her journey as an entrepreneur. She also formed ‘Girls in Business’ to motivate other female entrepreneurs and women who want to become entrepreneurs themselves.

There are many capable and driven individuals like Iyia who have innovative business ideas and have the determination and ability to realise them. Although the journey of being an entrepreneur is often with risk and needing to face the unknowns. Through online business expansion, new technologies, there will be more opportunities for these types of people, and they are called entrepreneurs.

來自紐西蘭,她現在25歲,透過自己的網上商業才能,年收入超過1百萬美金,她也創立Girls in Business (在澳洲和紐西蘭有5萬會員) 鼓勵女性創業,看完是不是覺得很受鼓舞!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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