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What a Difference A Day Makes

The macro-environment is a predominant source of uncertainty for businesses to determine opportunities and threats. In the current time, the single largest turbulent situation in the macro-environment that businesses and consumers are facing is COVID-19. (Macro-environment: Broad forces affecting all organisations in the marketplace, including social, technological, economic, political, legal and ecological influences.[1])

COVID-19 in 2020 is a global pandemic that almost no one saw it coming. Maybe some top scientists working in the related fields might have predicted this or something in the similar scenario. Nevertheless, the general public and common businesses were not in the know and most of them weren’t prepared for this at all.

From January till now, countries around the globe are experiencing lockdowns, isolation, social distancing, changing in regulations, shifting in ways of work and life, increasing in social tension, and businesses are facing a variety of unforeseen challenges. The world has entered into a complex turbulence era. Therefore, the macro-environment is impacting on businesses on a severe level. Furthermore, the consumer behaviours are vastly reshaping due to the current changes in the macro-environment.

Higher health and safety concerns, tightened regulations on import and export, moving foremost to online shopping and more care for sustainability all prompt the consumer behaviours to change to prefer local businesses and the bigger brands adapt in this direction too. The current marketing environment is also changed due to the macro-environment. In the food industry especially, the pursue of ‘no preservatives, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours’ has become a movement in many countries. And the present-day macro-environment acts like an accelerator for this.

Video from: Burger King's YouTube Channel

Burger King’s new ad “Moldy Whopper” won the best of show at The One Show 2020[2] which reflected that the changes in marketing environment for this digital marketing success. There is no need to pay for huge celebrity figures to guarantee the success of an ad. Just focusing on the main concern of the consumers and the changing marketing environment will do the trick. After the ad is released, it also went viral online, millions of hits on the ad, also it stirred up so many discussions online. Although there are criticism and negative comments about this ad and it seemed to divide the marketing experts[3]. But from a digital marketing strategy point of view, it had achieved great results.

The choice of music ’What a Difference a Day Makes’, I personally think it’s a fantastic pick for the recent time. Despite the obvious meaning for the ad’s theme, while the world is battling COVID-19, it also urges us to think what we can do in our daily life nowadays even in lockdown and isolation to make a difference. The song and the lyrics stayed with me for a while after I watched the 46 seconds ad.

While Burger King might be getting the digital marketing right during the changing marketing environment. Harvey Norman probably needs to improve their digital marketing strategies and online order services to compete with other online providers. Amazon offers free delivery within Australia if your order includes at least $39 of eligible items. But when I made an online order from Harvey Norman, I needed to pay substantial amount of delivery fees just to get my order delivered from Sydney to Canberra. In Harvey Norman’s stores in Asia, the sales dropped 26.1 per cent due to the Covid-19[4]. It might be worthwhile for Harvey Norman to consider how to reach out to their customers online more effectively under the present marketing environment.

More on the Macro Environment:

Video from: Remy Lemmens's YouTube channel

[1] Chaffey, Dave, and Ellis-Chadwick, Fiona. Digital Marketing, Pearson Education Limited, 2019. [2] [3] [4]


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