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What’s Your Favorite Online Fashion Boutiques?


When you travel to Italy and fall in love with their fashion boutiques and style which are paired with the sleek aesthetics of a contemporary art gallery decor, the enchantment is there to last and what you are looking for is nothing short of classy. But the catch is that – you can’t travel to Italy every time you want to check out what’s new in your favourite fashion boutiques. You definitely can’t travel under COVID-19. But with the boom of online fashion boutiques, don’t worry, everything is just a click away from your personal laptop.

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A dear friend of mine, Jocelyn is planning to kickstart her own online fashion boutique in 3 months. She has been planning for this for over two years. She shared with me a recent article on the Financial Times ‘Eleven of the world’s best fashion boutiques’[1]. It’s her inspiration and goal to build one of the best online fashion boutiques in Australia.

I am truly excited for her and with the soon-to-be-launched online fashion brand that she created from scratch. When we caught up for lunch the other day, I shared my thoughts and opinions on social media marketing tactics for her new business adventure.

#1: To Define Your Social Media Marketing Goals

You need to set clear social media marketing goals. It’s critical to start with this in mind: your goals and KPIs! Your social media marketing goals should be around – increasing awareness about the newly launched brand, which means that you should concentrate your focus on driving impressions, traffic, reach and engagement.

#2: To Choose the Right Social Media Channels for Your Brand

Now that you have set the goals and KPIs, you’re ready to choose which social media channels are right for your brand. Let’s face it, there are so many out there! You won’t be able to cover them all. I would suggest to focus your energy on Instagram and Facebook as your main channels. Later on, you can decide whether to expand to Pinterest, Youtube and more! These channels all have a slightly different strategy and approach, because your audience on each channel is different.

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#3: To Decide on Your Creative Look & Feel

As a fashion brand, how you look is everything! The creative direction of your online presence is what’s going to make your brand stand out from your competitors. Especially on Instagram, since it is such a visual channel. You need to make sure that your Instagram feeds are looking amazing all the time.

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#4: To Build Content Strategy

It’s essential to build your content strategy and make sure that the posts going out on your social media channels are targeting your audience. You also need to put everything together and plan out your social media content calendar. Don’t forget to start your own hashtag and use it consistently.

Here is a comprehensive video for building your content strategy:

#5: To Plan Advertising strategy

You need to figure out how much is your advertising budget. And then to set your advertising strategy on increasing engagement, lead generation and increase sales. Tracking and measuring your spend and results will help you to understand what’s working and what’s not.

#6: To Have Influencer Marketing Strategy

When it comes to launching a new brand on social media, an influencer marketing strategy is almost essential nowadays. This will help to drive traffic, reach and engagement on your channels. Working with influencers is not easy but it’s a fantastic route to reach wider audience and get the word out about your new brand on social media.

Furthermore, Jocelyn told me that a fashion innovation initiated by an online fashion boutique, Hypeach, launches a digital platform to enable women to create their own business[2]. This is really energizing. Jocelyn also shared with me that she wants to focus on fashion products that are made by organic materials and create an online community for fashion products producers who have the same beliefs and values to come together. I think this is a wonderful idea and I can’t wait to see her brand grow!

[1] [2] 歡迎點讚、留言或是提問題,Joyce很期待與你的互動 ^^



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